Convection Oven manufacturers

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Gas convection oven
Gas convection oven , necessary Bakery equipment hot air convection oven for bakery shop or bakers in large or small shop or Restaurant , Compact, attractive and functional gas convection oven designed from 4 trays to 10 trays convection oven, suitable for different scale coffee shop, biscuits shop, bread shop and etc.

1. A compact, attractive and functional unit
2. Water supplied for steam system
3. Hot air circulation heating for baking products
4. Technically design for evenly hot air blows
5. Biscuits, breads, bakery shops first choices bakery machines.

Electric Convection oven with shelf or without shelf
Model No.specificationpowerSize & weight
SCVE-5C5 Trays convection oven380V/0.6KW780 * 1230 * 690mm
SCVG-8C8 Trays convection oven380V/1.1KW780 * 1230 * 960mm
SCVG-10C10 Trays convection oven380V/1.1KW780 * 1230 * 1160mm
Control panel overview :
Hot air flows chartConvection Oven manufacturers

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