YRT Turntable Bearing suppliers

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Henan Zengkun Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a science and technology enterprise in Luoyang National University Science Park, who focuses on customized professional design, manufacturing, sales  and after-sales .
The company's main products :  Robot , Bearing, Aluminum foil.
The dominant business of robots :
collaboration robot , hybrid robot , TriCept and TriMule hybrid robot.
Our company's robots are mainly used in electronics, food, machinery, medicine, military industry, automobiles, aluminium plants, steel plants, aviation, building materials, clothing, logistics and other industries.
The main business of bearing : high-speed wire mill bearings for steel mills, slewing bearings for robots, ultra-thin section bearings for Drone, cross roller bearings for robots'reducer , YRT turntable bearings for machine tools,and large diameter and heavy duty bearings.  Mainly used in steel plants, aluminum plants, machine tools, robots, Drone, semiconductor processing equipment, cranes, sewage treatment plants and other industries.
The main business of aluminium foil and coil are: thickness over 5 micron aluminium foil and coil. Mainly used in the pharmaceutical ,packing,print industry and ect.The main cold rolling equipment are two Demag SMS 2300mm cold rolling machine, one Fata 2050mm cold rolling machine, main foil rolling equipment are three Achenbach 2150mm  wide high-speed aluminum foil rolling mill, the corresponding finishing equipment are imported from abroad.
Zengkun values: customer service, continuous innovation, win-win cooperation, integrity, pursuit of excellence, social responsibility
Zengkun spirit: people-oriented, teamwork, efficient operation.YRT Turntable Bearing suppliers

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