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Digital Yarn Twist tester
Digital Yarn Twist Tester is an ideal instrument of testing yarn twist and the related technical data.
Digital Yarn Twist Tester use microcomputer control, automatic data processing, display and print output, which is accurate, stable and reliable, and can accurately reflect the yarn technical data.
Yarn holder is driven by the motor rotation directly, speed promise and has speed measuring function, the yarn holder (motor) speed can be accurately measured.
CPU can automatically determine the direction of rotation of yarn holder, and automatic processing of counting, the division value is 1/10 twist.
Application Range: all kinds of yarn
Twist count: 10 ~ 5000 twist
Test frequency: 120 times
yarn density (yarn number): 1.0 ~ 900.0 tex
Test Length: 10 ~ 600mm arbitrarily set
Test Method:
F0-F3, four kinds of testing methods
F0: Direct counting method
F1: untwisting twisting method (A method)
F2: untwisting twisting method (B method)
F3: Three untwisting twisting method
Yarn tension: horizontal loading mechanism, according to the test requirements, plus or minus the tension weight.
NOTE: The nominal value of the tension weight is the tension value of yarn.
Test Speed: 100r / min ~ 1900r / min continuously adjustable
Jog speed: 100r / min ~ 1900r / min continuously adjustable
Test Data Output:
A, Display output: The tester has touch screen, can display the test number, a single twist value and twist factor.
B, Printouts: The machine can be connected with a printer
Power supply: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz
Rated power: 20W
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Yes! Please contact us for details
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It depends on the product and the qty.
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Via air , sea or express like DHL, UPC, TNT, FedEx and so on.China Textile Test Equipment factory

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