Propanedioic Acid suppliers

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Based on the advanced technology and equipment, fine quality and credit, a production of scale is formed and a good influence and reputation is established in wide customers, and we have got well review from our clients.

We are here to sincerely expect business client's gesture of cooperation with us, and we would jointly embark on new market and relevant derivative products and high-tech items on a mutually beneficial base.
1.propanedioic acid picture

2.The propanedioic acid’s specification as below:
ItemStandard valueResults
AppearanceWhite crystal powderWhite crystal powder
(℃)Melting point133.0-136.0134.3-135.8
(%)Loss on drying≤0.50.36
(%)Chloride ≤0.05Pass
(ppm)Heavy metal≤20Pass
Conclusion:The product meets the requirements of the factory.
3.propanedioic acid is mainly used for the production of barbiturates and other drugs;also can be used as electroplating brightener, explosive control agent and heat welding cosolvent and so on.
4.malonic acid used as the aluminum surface treatment agent;used as a raw material in organic synthesis.The pharmaceutical industry.Used in the manufacture of spices, adhesive, kill Yin agent, also used for leather and aluminum surface treatment, electroplating polishing agent, foam blowing agent, nuclear reactor cleaning agents, the explosive heat welding flux and control agent, etc.;malonic acid and its ester is mainly used for spices, adhesive, resin additives, pharmaceutical intermediates, electroplating brightener, explosion control agent, hot welding melt additives, etc.In the pharmaceutical industry for the production of luminal, barbital, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, phenyl bute, amino acids, etc.
5.we have got the Alibaba certification and BV authentication, we gurantee supply the high quality products.
6.Transaction information:
1)Min.Order Quantity:1MT
2)FOB Price:
3)port:Shanghai Port
4)Payment terms:T/T,L/C
5)Supply ability:30MT/Month
6)Period for dispatch:15-30days after receiving the 30% deposit.
7)Conventional packaging:In woven bag lined with plastic bag. Net weight: 25 kg/bag, and 40bags on one salver, or as your requirements.
Propanedioic Acid suppliers

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