Automatic Cage Tap Changer transformer accessory

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Positive-negative Cage Tap Changer
A tap changer is a device fitted to power transformers for regulation of the output voltage to required levels. This is normally achieved by changing the ratios of the transformers on the system by altering the number of turns in one winding of the appropriate transformer/s. Supply authorities are under obligation to their customers to maintain the supply voltage between certain limits. Tap changers offer variable control to keep the supply voltage within these limits. About 96% of all power transformers today above 10MVA incorporate on load tap changers as a means of voltage regulation.
Positive-negative automatic cage off load tap changer is also called vertical electric cage tap changer with round flange. It is applicable to oil immersed furnace transformer.
Furnace Transformers are Arc, Submerged Arc, Ladle, Induction, Up to 10 MVA, Up to 33kV,ONAN/OFWF Cooling A high current furnace transformer is provided having the low-voltage windings arranged in a closed delta configuration within the transformer enclosure. Bus bar terminals are mounted exterior to the enclosure for providing electrical connection with the low-voltage windings.
Model Explanation
WSL □D□ □/□-□╳□F/Y
   W:  off-circuit
   S :  three-phase
   L :  cage type
   □:  voltage regulation model
   D:  automatic electric   
   □:  L for vertical ; W for horizontal
   □:  rated current
   □:  rated voltage
   □:  number of tapping heads
   □:  number of tapping position
   F/Y: square flange or round flange
Voltage Regulation Model
   I  :  linear regulating
   II :   central point
   III :  neutral point
   IV :  Y-△ conversion
   V :   series-parallel connection
   VI :  positive and negative regulation
Samples Technical Data
Model no.Voltage regulating
partInstallation dimension mmPower frequency withstand voltage
L1L2H1HMdTo earthInter phaseInter contact
WSLⅡDL200~630/10-6×5~12×11 FCentral point210110540720200A:Md=M12;400A:Md=M16;630A:Md=M18454518
WSLⅢDL200~630/10-5×5~12×12 FNeutral point210110540720
WSLⅡDL800~1000/10-6×5~10×9 FCentral point230130610790
WSLⅢDL800~1000/10-5×5~10×10 FNeutral point230130610790
WSLⅡDL200~630/35-6×5~10×9 FCentral point2751707108901009530
WSLⅢDL200~630/35-5×5~10×10 FNeutral point275170710890
WSLⅡDL800~1000/35-6×5~10×9 FCentral point300195810990
WSLⅢDL800~1000/35-5×5~10×10 FNeutral point300195810990Automatic Cage Tap Changer transformer accessory

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